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homebrew steroids guide

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homebrew steroids guide

This article is a guide of how to do homebrew yourself.  You need to be very careful with the homebrew process. Overdose or insufficient dose will both lead to the result you dont want to see.

Of course not everyone want to homebrew, finished product are much more easy to use. But if you are here and you are curious,we will guide you how.

Before you start homebrew, there is list of items you needs.

1,Beaker Set
2,Borosilicate Glass Stir Rod
3,Weight Scale
4,Stove/Cooktop (Kitchen)
5,Syringe and also syringe filters
6,Benzyl Alcohol (used to increase the liquid solubility of estered compounds and to prevent bacteria growth in the oil)
7,Benzyl Benzoate (BB primarily keeps the hormone in solution at the injection site after the more water soluble BA has been absorbed)
8,Grape Seed Oil (as the main solvement)
9,Glass vials
10, steroids powder

we will take test e 250mg/ml as an example of homebrew process

Test E

100ml @ 250mgs/ml
25g powder
33.25ml EO
30 ml GSO
3ml BA (3%)
15ml BB (15%)

And Here is the link of steroids receipe that you might be interested.



Put on gloves. Take your 250ml beaker, place it on the scale.

Add 25g of powder. Use 3ml syringe to add 3ml of BA to beaker. Use 10ml syringe to add 15ml of BB to beaker. Pour EO until it fills up to 70ml line and then pour GSO until it fills up to 100ml line

Place beaker on stovetop, turn heat to low. Stir with glass rod. Keep stirring. until your mix is completely clear (all powder dissolved in).

Heat slowly and just until the powder is dissolved in. Lift it off the eye against the light, make sure all powder are disolved in.

Now you get what called semi-finsihed steroids oil or premade steroids oil

Then what you should do is to sterilize it.

The 0.22-micron filter is preferred, as it allows for the removal of almost all forms of bacteria. A 0.45-micron filter is also acceptable, though more likely to pass certain strains of diminutive bacteria.

Here is an video guide,not made by me, about how to do this.

There are most used recipes for your reference.


NOTICE: If you do not wish to use EO replace it with GSO or your oil of choice


BA = Benzyl alcohol
BB = Benzyl benzoate
GSO = Grapeseed oil
Test E/C/D, Deca, Eq, Tren E, Primo E

50mls @ 200mgs/ml

10g powder
17.5ml Ethyl Oleate (EO)
16ml Grapeseed Oil (GSO)
1.5ml BA (3%)
7.5ml BB (15%)
Test E/C/D, Deca, Eq, Tren E, Primo E

40mls @ 250mgs/ml

10g powder
13.3ml EO
12 ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
6ml BB (15%)
Test E/C/D, Deca, Eq

40mls @ 300mgs/ml

12g powder
11.8ml EO
10ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
8ml BB (20%)
Test E/D, Deca, Eq

30mls @ 333mgs/ml

10g powder
10ml EO
5.6ml GSO
.9ml BA (3%)
6ml BB (20%)
Test Prop (TP)/PhenylProp (TPP), Tren A, Masteron, Npp

100mls @ 100mg/ml

10g powder
37.5ml EO
37ml GSO
3ml BA (3%)
15ml BB (15%)
Test Phenylprop, Masteron, Npp

60mls @ 150mg/ml

9g powder
25ml EO
14.5ml GSO
1.8ml BA (3%)
12ml BB (20%)
Test PP, Masteron, NPP

60mls @ 166mg/ml

10g powder
25ml EO
13.7 GSO
1.8ml BA (3%)
12 ml BB (20%)
Cut Stack

(Test p 75mg/ml, tren a 50mg/ml, masteron 50mg/ml) 40mls @ 175mg/ml

3g test prop powder
2g tren a powder
2g masteron powder
15ml EO
10.6ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
8ml BB (20%)
Mass Stack

(Test E 150mg/ml, Deca 100mg/ml) 40mls @ 250mg/ml

6g test E powder
4g deca powder
13ml EO
12.3ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
6ml BB (15%)
Sustanon 250

100mls @ 250mgs/ml

10g test dec
6g test iso
6g test phenyl
3g test p
32ml EO
31.25ml oil
3ml BA (3%)
15ml BB (15%)
Sustanon 350

100mls @ 350mgs/ml

13g test dec
8g test iso
8g test phenyl
6g test p
30.75mls EO
20mls GSO
3ml BA (3%)
20ml BB (20%)
TP(PP)/NPP stack

(test p/pp 75mg/ml, npp 50mg/ml) 40mls @ 125mg/ml

3g test p/pp powder
2g npp powder
15.1ml EO
12ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
8ml BB (20%)
Test Acetate (A), P, or PP/Tren A stack

(test A/P/or PP 75mg/ml, tren a 50mg/ml) 40mls @ 125mg/ml

3g test a/p/pp powder
2g tren a powder
15.1ml EO
12ml GSO
1.2ml BA (3%)
8ml BB (20%)
Winstrol Recipe #1

50ml @ 50mg/ml
2.5g powder
8ml BB
2.5ml BA
1ml peg 300
.5ml poly

mix powder, bb, ba, and poly and heat at 325 degrees until dissolved, filter, and add 39ml distilled water and re-filter.

Winstrol recipe #2

20mls @ 50mg/ml
1g powder
4.8ml BB
0.6ml BA
0.6ml polysorbate 80
12.5ml distilled water
mix powder, BB, BA, and poly and heat until dissolved. filter, add water and re-filter
Winstrol recipe #3 Oil based

20ml @ 50mg/ml
1g winstrol powder
17ml oil
.2ml BA
2 ml guaiacol (“super solvent”)
mix powder and guaiacol first then add oil and BA.

(100mg Tren Ace/ml, 50mg Masteron/ml, 30mg Prop/ml – 100ml @ 180mg/ml)

10g Tren Ace Powder
5g Masteron Powder
3g Test Prop Powder
66.70ml EO
2ml BA
16ml BB

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