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As an anabolic steroids source,we always meet customers who dont trust us. In fact, I can understand this kind of doubts very well. It is hard to trust somebody you have never seen before and it is hard to do the business without any guarantee expect the seller’s promise. When the buyer try to trust the seller, it means they risk of losing thousands of dollers. No matter thousands doller means or doesn’t means much for the buyer. No one will treat it as an pleasant experience. But if you ask the buyer to provide COD(cash on delivery) service, no one will provide this kind of service for this kind of “grey” transaction. So what should we do?

1,Ask for sample, it is commonly used method, if the source is just liar and dont have anything in stock. it will be very hard for them for send the real product to you. It will cost much for them to purchase small amount to cheat you. But for most real source, they will send you the free sample gladly if you are willing to bear the shipping cost.

2,Ask for tracking number, although the tracking number can be purchased online, but you can still get much info from it. Like which shipping method the seller choosed.

3,Search the soure’s name, website, email address, phone number online, if there is negative feedback, you will know what to do next.

4,Try small amount with them, if the source is scammer, you will not lose much to know that.

5,Asking for package picture, but some source will not not provide it for safe issue.

6,Cooperate with the source you already know. If you have a source, dont change it easily. In the long term, it benifits both the seller and the buyer.

In fact, not all source can guarantee 100% pass rate, steroids can not reach 99.9% purity, This kinds of words are advertising words, it takes trust, patient and understanding for us build long term relation, I can not promise my powder is 99% purity but I can send you the test result of my product before I send the powder to you, I can not guarantee the 100% pass rate, but I can guarantee that you will receive what you ordered from me. If you can take a chance to trust me, I will not let you down.

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