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Whether you should use steroids

Posted On May 23, 2017 at 4:26 pm by / 6 Comments

A lot of people have question about whether they should use steroids, is it the right time to use steroids? In what situation should we use steroids? Is the side-effects permanently? I will answer these question in this post.

Let’s talk about who should use steroids first.

1, If you are under 25 years, please dont take steroids, there might be permanent damage to your body for just one cycle and you can not bear the side-effects.

2, Woman who use steorids can cause permanent damage to the body too, if you have to take it, you have to be very very careful and study it well.

3, Heart or Liver disease, steroids will cause pressure on both, you can not use steroids if you have this kind of disease.
But if you are totally health and you have made the decision to use steroids, you need to know that steroids can be used very safely and you can get the results you want if you do the right dosage with blood test. You will go through some side-effects with muscle gain. But you can maintain the muscle gain while get rid off all sides effects.
Is it the right time for you to use steroids? Commonly, we think the best time is when we reach or very close to our genetic limits. Steroids will help you break that limits to a new level. But whenever you decide to use steroids, dot the study throughly, understand what you are going to input to your body.

Is the steroids side effect permanantly?

Steroids has been used since 1930′ and from the long history and the large amount of people shows if steroids are used properly, it will not have permanant damage to our body. However, for steroids is banned in most country, there is not enough research for it. The news and info we can get is overstated.Like all medicine that have side effects, steroids is just same.

Here is an research study to be shown, Four Group, Ten week,

First Group: did not do any form of exercise, and did’t receive any form of steroids or drugs.

Second Group:they received weekly injections of 600 mg of test E without any form of exercise.

Third Group: Natural guys doing weight training.

Fourth Group: Drug users doing weight training.

Group 1: no change at all

Group 2: 7 pounds of muscle growth

Group 3: 4 pounds of muscle growth

Group 4: 13 pounds of muscle growth

As you can see, if you did not do any kinds of exercise, your body will not maintain the same weight. If you are injected with test 600mg every week, you still will grow 7 pounds of muscle, 3 pounds more than the all nature one. But if you inject steroids and do the bodybuilding at the same time, you will grow 13 pounds in 10 weeks, that’s hugh growth.

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