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Testosterone enanthate is an injectable oil based steroid designed to release testosterone from the injection site slowly. Concentrations in the blood will continue to rise for a few days and then remain elevated for a couple of weeks. This is welcomed in the medical world as treatment is obviously more comfortable when less injections are needed, especially when self administration is not practiced. Commonly prescribed for androgen deficiency related conditions.

Oestrogenic side effects

Testosterone is a very powerful steroid with pronounced effects. Testosterone has a high habit to aromatise and convert into oestrogen, and therefore side effects such as water retention and gynecomstia could be experienced by those who are prone to such side effects.

Water retention can cause loss of definition due to the increase subcutaneous fluids, sudden increase in bodyweight, and related issues such as increased blood pressure and back and shin pumps may be experienced. The excess water bloat can become quite noticeable to other people too.

Gynecomstia is possible whilst on cycle and also once you cease the cycle due to excess oestrogen levels. Gynecomstia (also referred to as ‘gyno’, or ‘gyne’) is the formation of breast tissue, and is usually characterised by puffy or sore nipples in its early stages. If left untreated lumps can develop under the nipple which may require surgery to remove.

Ancillary drugs such as nolvedex and proviron may be implemented if a user is sensitive to such side effects, or develops them mid cycle. However, a better choice would be an anti-aromatase drug such as aromasin, arimidex or femara.

Androgenic side effects

Androgenic side effects can also be expected when using a testosterone product. Oily skin and acne can become a problem in prone individuals. For those who can not tolerate these side effects testosterone may not be a wise choice and they may opt for an alternative which offers less in the way of androgenic side effects. Some, however, may opt to include accutane during and after a testosterone course to combat the overactive sebaceous glands.

Older athletes prone to male pattern baldness may too opt for an alternative or include proscar in the cycle which should reduce the conversion of testosterone to DHT.

Additional androgenic side effect include an increase in body and facial hair growth, and increased aggressiveness. Most find the side effects of testosterone bearable, and it remains a very popular compound, which is often used as a base for any cycle.


It is popular for testosterone enanthate to be injected bi-weekly (twice a week) in order to keep concentrations as stable as possible. Common dose of 500mg enables a user to split 250mg injections on, for example, a Monday and a Thursday, with the common concentration products being 250mg/ml, therefore 1ml injected each time.

Testosterone enanthate anabolic steroid cycles

Novice user’s cycle

250mg-500mg of testosterone enanthate per week for 10 weeks. Start PCT 14 days after last injection

Most products will be 250mg/ml. If taking 250mg per week this will result in one ml injection once a week. If taking 500mg per week we will want to inject on a bi-weekly basis, so one injection on Monday and another on the Thursday, for example.

Intermediate user’s cycle

500mg-1000mg of testosterone enanthate per week for 10+ weeks. Likely to be stacked with other anabolic steroids, and is often used as the base compound.

Advanced user’s cycle

750mg + of testosterone enanthate per week for 10+ weeks. Likely to be stacked with many other anabolic steroids, such as dianabol, trenbolone, deca etc.

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